48 Bridge St Richmond, Tasmania   Ph +61 3 6260 2132   gallery@saddlerscourt.com

Open daily 10am-4.30pm & 9.30am-5.30pm daylight savings period

48 Bridge Street, Richmond, Tasmania Ph + 61 3 6260 2132 gallery@saddlerscourt.com

Open 7 days. 9.30am-5pm. Appointments by phone welcome. 

Visit Mark's website to view more examples of his ceramics www.markknightpottery.com.au

Production Ware has been Mark's main focus since moving to Tasmania in 1980.  Time has seen his range of ware grow to include everything from mugs , dinner settings and teapots, to outdoor bells and lanterns.  Motifs vary from Butterflies, Fuschia, Iris, and, as in his Mountain Series, scenes from around Tasmania.  As with changes in fashion, Mark has developed new glazes and designs and currently produces several unique ranges.  His Crystalline range and Coloured-ware range continue to be especially popular.

Mark Knight

Fuschia Range

Mountain Series Ceramics

Stoneware Range

Butterfly Range

Brown Crystalline Range