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Redbill Surf Break (Oil, Acrylic, Impasto) 40 x 122cm

The Promise of Sunshine (Oil, Acrylic, Impasto) 40 x 122cm

Dana Frey

Clifton Bluff Rock Pools (Oil, Acrylic, Impasto) 90 x 122cm

48 Bridge St Richmond, Tasmania   Ph +61 3 6260 2132   gallery@saddlerscourt.com

Open daily 10am-4.30pm & 9.30am-5.30pm daylight savings period

Sea Kelp in the Shallows (Oil, Acrylic, Impasto,Shell Grit) 63 x 91cm

Born in 1971 to Finnish migrants, Dana grew up in a local coastal town in southern Tasmania.  She studied Fine Arts and Psychology at the University of Tasmania, focusing her attention on studying and drawing water in detail.  Whilst her work is a continued exploration of water in coastal environments – being particularly drawn to the subtle effects of light and transparency, and how these affect mood - Dana has an intense fascination with the psychological effects of colour.  Through her courses, Dana has studied the wavelengths of certain hues and their clinical application in the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders.  She has also worked as a Teacher’s Aide, working with children with a range of conditions such as Autism and ADHD, and explored art activities as a means of relaxation and personal development.  With this in mind, Dana’s work is noted for its’ calming “sedative” qualities.